Shuchi & Aviral || Bangalore Wedding || Elements



Photo - Nikhil, Kishore, Arun, Biswa & Raj

Video - Venky & Renu

Location - Elements

MUA - Shruthi Julta



A term that’s used by the wedding photographer when both the bride and groom ask for a booking covertly yet somehow unanimously

Around 300+ weddings after, if you come across a ‘coincidence’, you know it’s right. That’s exactly what Shuchi and Aviral are. The first time I was talking to Shuchi, I received a few missed calls during the conversation. And who else be calling me at the same time other than her future (now) husband to be?

But the funny thing is that none of us realized it was the same wedding for a while. Same dates, same places and even the same plans - something was fishy. It took us a while to look beyond the horizon and when we did, all of us were on the floor. It was like we knew each other already, the way we laughed.

And this continued until the end. Somehow, I ended up dropping the newly wed back to their hotel after all the celebrations. Coincidences do take you a long way, and now I can’t be thankful to them for letting me capture one of the most beautiful days in their lives.