Madhuri & Achut || Bangalore Wedding || Temple Tree


Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage - Lao Tzu 

This quote is the perfect portrayal of Madhuri and Achut's wedding. Come to think of it, there were many small moments during the entire shoot which made me feel infinitely happy!  

From shooting Madhuri's elder sister Manjula's wedding, I've learned that this family is absolutely crazy! So I didn't have to think twice to say an overly excited "Yes" for Madhuri's big day.

A day before the marriage, Madhuri got into the usual business of getting the Mehendi done but soon after 30 minutes, she gave up. To quote - "This is the most painful thing ever!", she said and walked off to the unopened bar and proclaimed it "Up and running”! She went on dancing for 3 hours straight. 
(Secretly wishing for more brides like this! :D)

A huge shoutout to the Mehendi walas for waiting a lifetime for the bride to return.

The dance floor was not spared either! From trippy Telugu songs to cringy DJ mixes, Achut the groom set the floor on fire with his oh-so filmy moves.

From watching the bride being restless during the Mehendi to watching her slowly entangle with the happiness radiating from her family, from seeing unspoken words being exchanged on the big day to completing the wedding rituals, I can truly vouch for this wedding being a sight for sore eyes.

Photo: Nikhil, Kishore & Raj.

Video: Santosh, Venky.

MUA: Kinjal Mehta

Location: Temple Tree, Bangalore