One evening in Pattaya. :)

So Ram and I were a part of Mala & Praveen 3 day wedding affair(will blog this wedding soon) at the wonderful Anantara in Bangkok. After shooting this, we went straight to Pattaya for 2 days.

The word Pattaya sounds more of paradise for lot of people, but according to my experience, its all about getting some tan and enjoying the nightlife. We googled for Pattaya and got list of to do’s. We enjoyed a few and missed a few because of the time limit. Not mentioning anything here because I want my pictures to speak more than anything.

In the end all I want to say is I have traveled to quite a lot of places but Pattaya has a sense of freedom which can only be experienced and felt.

PS : The best pictures were shot by me and the mediocre shots were shot by Ram. :D