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Frequently Asked Questions...

Never wanted to write this but people have asked me some questions from simple one's to absurd ones. Here's some of the not absurd FAQs.

Q) Can I get raw/Unedited files dump ?

After a lot of requests for the raw files, this had to be put at the top.

RAW files are like drafts by a writer. There might be many drafts but the world gets to see only the one final draft. Sharing any of the previous drafts would destroy the importance of final drafts.

So, the answer is a big NO.

Q) Where do you live and how far can you travel ?

I'm based out of Bangalore. Yes, we travel all over world. Please check weddings tab for our work done all over the globe.

Out station weddings will not be levied with extra charges but travel and stay needs to be taken care by the client.

Q) Do you provide photobooks ?

Absolutely, please check the photobooks tab.

Q) Whats your team like ?

We are usually a 2 member photo team and 2/3 member video team. Please check weddings for photo and films for video.

Q) What is the timeline for end deliverables ?

We know that you are excited about your wedding pictures and videos. We put in a lot of effort to make your wedding pictures look better than what you might have seen here in this website. Sometimes we might not be able to meet the promised deadlines because we work towards delivering better quality than just delivering on time.

Photos - We take 4-6 weeks for delivery of soft copy.

Videos - We take 6-8 weeks for videos and 8-12 weeks for the wedding highlight.

At the end of 6-8 weeks a pen drive with high resolution pictures and HD videos will be delivered via courier.